Upside down

(Part 4 in the multipart series “Where We Stand”)

Psychological warfare is waged by the power of symbols. Symbols are what allow you to think, to act, to see. You walk down a road and you pass a tree. It has leaves. It has bark. It has roots. It has sap and chlorophyll and carbon. But you see a tree, and you walk on.

To wage psychological warfare, symbols are captured, deconstructed and repurposed. What, after all, is a tree? 

Without symbols, without types, without categories, it is all too much. You cannot take it all in. You cannot choose what to do. You become stunned in the madness, lost in the chaos, overwhelmed in the overwhelming power of existential crisis.

The gradual replacement of words with talking pictures is one of the most profound shifts in symbolism that mankind has ever encountered. 

Tools let the makers pretend symbols are real when they are not and let them camouflage the diabolical in symbols that once were good. But tools have made it easier for wicked men to take from us who we thought we were without our even knowing it. Now, many are against themselves. 

Now, many do not know who they are. Now, simply wanting to be is no longer up to you.

“What did you dream? It’s alright. We told you what to dream.”

To ignore the fact that the regulatory capture of civilization’s communication channels has been purposed to destroy our most cherished symbols (man, woman, family, neighborhood, art, science, God, Christ,) is a woeful apostasy of all that is good and right and true. A principle that undermines principles on principle is the devious wile and the reign of the devil himself. False laws are not laws. Evil boasts are not justice. Slavery is not mercy.

Contra legit fit, quodin fraudem legit fit.

That which circumvents the law is done against the laws.

It is never wrong to recover what is rightfully yours.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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