Day zero

It’s official. After camping at the black gates of Twitter for months, Elon Musk stormed into Isengard, becoming the “Chief Twit” of Twitter last week. He brought a large sink with him, but we’re not sure why. Triggered employees and other progressives were all a-flutter, with one WashPo journalist saying it was like the “gates of hell” had opened. 

Musk fired executives and said he intends to form a moderating council to consider whether banned accounts, such as that of Donald Trump, should be reinstated. He hinted at layoffs to make the company more profitable. If this portrayal of a “day in the life of a Twitter employee” is to be believed, maybe it’s understandable that they’re upset that they might have to buy their own lunches in the future.

Musk’s acquisition looks like a win for free speech, but it is wise to stay on guard – those who want to silence speech they disagree with will find other ways to do so.

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