Grown-ups back in charge?

The UK’s conservative party has appointed former treasury boss, Rishi Sunak, head of their party and the new Prime Minister. The Twittersphere assumed that any backlash against the new PM must be racist, however it might have more to do with his elite credentials. 

Sunak had a pretty fancy education and is married to a billionaire heiress. His approval of a continued ban on fracking and talk of economic austerity as Britain faces rising energy costs might be a hard sell for British commoners, but the markets will probably love him

Wrangling within the Tory party between “Zero COVID loonies” and regular conservative types continues. 

Philosopher John Gray had some interesting thoughts on the political landscape in Britain. He sees the rise of Rishi Sunak to the top job as reflective of what is happening in many Western nations. He says that the vision of a global economy is failing and that globalists are fearful of everyday people as they realize what they want is in conflict with their goals.

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