A joint-committee of Florida’s two medical boards has approved “rule-making language that would ban children from taking hormones or undergoing surgery to treat gender dysphoria” according to Politico. In doing so, health officials in the state are going against national guidelines from both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association who insist that “gender-affirming care” (we still feel this needs scare quotes) is perfectly safe for children. 

In related news, a transgender tycoon from Thailand (try saying that three times quickly!) has purchased the Miss Universe organization. Which probably means in the near future, the best women will be men.

There has been a lot of push back against the movement to trans kids, but don’t believe for a moment that the powers-that-be will let it go any time soon. A former actor turned TikTok star was invited to meet with President Biden last week. Dylan Mulvaney who describes himself as a “glittery girl” has gained quite a following documenting his becoming a woman (as he sees it). 

President Biden told Mulvaney that he thinks it’s wrong to refuse transgender treatment to anyone and, in the mind of the evil perps, no doubt that will include children. Without going too far down the rabbit trail, it strikes us here at MM that it suits the owners of TikTok (the CCP) to promote confused American men to vulnerable children. Destabilizing the USA by hollowing it out from the inside is a neat strategy.

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