Small victories

There is no benign explanation for this – A Virginia lawmaker says she intends to introduce a bill that would ‘hold parents criminally liable” if they don’t comply with their child’s wishes to identify as the opposite sex. A Harvard-affiliated children’s hospital is making the claim that children can know they are transgender “from the womb”. But in some good news,… Read More Small victories


An interesting article from UnHerd challenges the claims of “Big Veganism” and highlights the threat associated with a plant-based future for food production. The push for non-meat and lab-made proteins has come about under the guise of feeding the world’s growing population and fears of climate change.  However, writer John Lewis-Stempel says the problem isn’t lack of food but food waste and distribution.… Read More Beef-surrogate

Home truths

Presbyterian minister CR Wiley joined the Caldron Pool podcast for an interesting discussion about manhood, feminism, and the significance of households. Wiley speaks about how the human household, when ordered rightly reflects a greater reality. The language of family is used widely in the Bible so it is no wonder the zeitgeist is attacking it so vehemently. As journalist Auron… Read More Home truths


Two weeks ago, the Fisks had a long discussion about grief on Stop The White Noise, noting that bereavement hits people differently and comes in many forms. A number of comments and letters we received indicated that people truly appreciated the open conversation and the acknowledgement that grief is never “one and done” – it lasts a long… Read More Overemotional