A deadly slope

The dark clutches of culture of death seem to keep spreading. We have written before about euthanasia and the ramifications of believing that killing is the solution to suffering. Canada is intent on forging ahead with its liberal agenda, with Medical Assistance In Dying being extended to the mentally ill for the next year. 

Wesley Smith of The Discovery Institute appeared on Issues, Etc. last week explaining how suicide rates rise wherever euthanasia is legalized. It would seem hopelessness begets more hopelessness and despair can be contagious. But so is courage, so do not be overcome with darkness but be a light! Pray the Psalms and be ready to give an account for the hope you have. 

Some people think this life is all there is, but we know that he is risen and is coming again! This life with its adversity will soon fade and the resurrected saints will inherit life eternal. It’s a message many need to hear. 

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