Flipping houses

You have probably heard by now that the Republican party has flipped the House of Congress, taking a narrow lead after the midterms. The Guardian published an opinion advising President Biden to “lawyer up”, predicting that GOP congressional committees will be eager to launch inquiries into “the origins of Covid-19 … into immigration through the US-Mexico border, and the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan; and … Hunter Biden”. 

In Arizona, Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has refused to concede her loss to Democrat Katie Hobbs. Lake says she is assembling a crack team of lawyers to investigate funny business in electoral processes. Appeals from Republicans are also holding up the certification of results, with Maricopa County a flashpoint once again.

Although anyone who doubts the integrity of US elections is labelled as a “denier”, even liberal outlet Politico warned before the midterms that the system is not water-tight. Since the 2000 presidential election was decided by “hanging chads”, it seems that many of our elites have little interest in lessening the opportunity for meddling nor even to reassure people who are skeptical about the integrity of the process. Rather the aim seems to be to get people used to elections being decided days or weeks after voting day.

Whatever the motives of the powers-that-be, we can know with certainty that Christ is working his purposes out. He removes kings and sets up kings, as Daniel wrote. So take heart, since no scheme of men can turn back the work of God and keep praying that he will bless us with leaders who will punish wrong and reward the good. 

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