R.E.S.P.E.C.T just find out what it means, already

Twelve Republicans have broken ranks and voted with all 50 Democrats in the Senate to forward the Orwellian-named Respect for Marriage Act. Ten votes were needed to avoid a filibuster, but with Republican support, the act is likely to pass the Senate and be signed by the President. 

Opponents of the act say it is a threat to religious liberty, while proponents say that it merely ensures gay marriage will be recognized even in states where same-sex unions are not legal. In a puzzling move, the Mormon church stated that they were satisfied with protections for religious freedoms offered in the act, voicing support for it. 

But many have noted that this act is a camel’s nose, paving the way for authorities to punish business owners, seminaries, educational institutions, adoption agencies, and anyone else who holds to the Bible’s teaching on marriage. Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage appeared on Issues to remind listeners of the implications of this act and Al Mohler also gave a good overview of how dangerous a precedent this bill sets. 

Katy Faust from the pro-family organization called “Them Before Us” said in an interview with Issues that though people are focused on religious liberty, lawmakers should be more concerned with the rights of children. Same sex relationships exclude at least one biological parent from the child’s life by design, which has shown to be devastating to children on every metric. 

Critics have said this bill should not have been brought before a lame-duck Congress, given that a number of those who voted for it lost their seats and will soon leave Capitol Hill. 

But this is where we are and our lawmakers seem to have little interest in defending marriage as God defined it in his Word and in creation. We live in a nation of scoffers and in an age of idolatry, so the battle has come to us. Pastor Fisk has some great advice for this time when men will not tolerate truth – get wise by reading the Proverbs and play offense

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