A good conscience

Pastor Wolfmueller was a guest on Issues, Etc. last week and brought some comforting teaching about the conscience. He explained how our consciences are informed and shaped by the Word, human laws, our peers, and by our culture. Although family, church, and state should protect consciences, in our age this is not always the case. 

As Pastor Wolfmueller says, we can sharpen our own consciences by dwelling on the Ten Commandments each day. Blurring the lines of good and evil seems to be a feature of Modernland and, as sober-minded Christians, we need to be aware that we can influence other’s consciences. We can bless our neighbors by helping them have a good conscience, not by shielding them from conviction, but by speaking truthfully. 

In a world that has lost its moral compass, it is a gift of God that He gives to his saints clarity in His Word and by the Spirit who convicts the world of sin. More than that, Jesus gives us the balm of forgiveness in His blood and the mighty word of absolution which comforts our consciences. As Pastor Wolfmueller reminds us, on that great Day when we see our Savior face-to-face, He will be smiling. Alleluia!

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