Lies we tell ourselves

Can we all agree that our media complex is a bit of a cesspool? After recent attacks on gay clubs, corporate media scrambled to see whether they could find the definitive piece of evidence to prove that the perpetrator is a product of the ideology of the “other side”. But, as is often the case, it’s fools who rush in and the facts can’t be tied off in a neat bow. 

A shooter killed 5 people at a Colorado club and injured many others before being tackled by a retired veteran. While mainstream media were quick to blame conservative policymakers for fostering hate with their stances on marriage and family, conservative outlets made hay with the news that the suspect was claiming a non-binary identity. Another incident occurred in New York where a man threw a brick through the window of a gay bar. Far from being a “hate crime”, the attacker is gay and has a beef with the establishment. 

In the end, the search to find a killer’s “motive” is a fool’s errand. Honest observers have noticed there is animus between the letters in the rainbow array and that some folks are just angry, regardless of their politics. Playing the “hate crime” card when it comes to violence in minority communities may be politically expedient, but really leaves an unsatisfying explanation. 

Some thoughtful journalists will point past politics to poverty, housing shortages, over-prescription of anti-depressants, or the failures of a mental health system. However, we live in a time when people are unmoored, without fathers, families, church, or country to ground them with purpose or instill virtue. The nebulous trauma of life in Modernland will send you insane if you don’t have an anchor. 

Our materialistic society has long moved on from believing in the devil and his schemes, or that his minions torment humanity with their lies. We’re too clever for that. Yet until we repent and acknowledge that no amount of education, money, or playing at equality can change a human heart, every attempts to prevent sinful human behavior will just be a band-aid. 

Although the world may not even be asking the question, we need to tell them the answer. This crumbling age will continue to  be filled with trouble, but the Bible reveals the source: humanity “did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened”. Our rebellion is killing us.

But the Word also tells us where our hope lies. No systemic solution. No unifying rhetoric. No fancy program. Just forgiveness of sins in the Word and sacraments and wisdom for this journey. One day the devil will deceive no more and Jesus Christ will restore creation, as if it were the dawn of the first day. That is our anchor and it will hold. 

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