Pawns in a game

Spanish fashion brand Balenciaga came under fire last week for launching a disturbing ad campaign, depicting children holding “bondage” teddy bears. The company is now suing the producers of the campaign, but given that there’s a history of sexualising children at Balengciaga, it is hard to believe they had no idea what was going on. 

Writing at Spiked, Neil Davenport points out that in so many of today’s hot-button issues, children are collateral damage: “victories in the culture war simply take priority over child safety” . He’s exactly right. Whether it’s abortion, pornography, surrogacy, transgenderism even climate alarmism, the adults in the room need to step up and protect children from being exposed to deviancy, fear and violence. Refuse to participate in this muck ourselves and oppose it where you can. 

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