A future and a hope

Is there any stronger evidence of a culture warped by sin than that it celebrates death? A Canadian clothing retailer thought it was a good idea to run a campaign promoting assisted suicide as a beautiful thing. Canada’s progressive government is all-in on Medical Assistance in Dying, giving the green light for killing mentally-ill people who request it. 

We are in living in a culture that loves death. Not only is death promoted to the living, but creating and nurturing life is discouraged. In a recent interview, Louis March, a public affairs consultant who studies demography, told Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute that the policies of global elites will result in “extinction” (audiovideo) unless we have a spiritual awakening. In their conversation, Morse and March discussed how economic and foreign policies, the disappearing middle class, and therapeutic materialism are contributing to population decline. 

A population that fails to reproduce has essentially succumbed to nihilism. On the other hand, having kids is a thumb in the eye to alarmists who are certain that humanity’s future is grim – procreation embraces the hope of bountiful days to come. 

Whether you are unable to start a family or hope one day to do so, we can all call out the culture of death every day. We are not going to save the world, but don’t believe your solitary voice is useless against this. Pick a target and chase it. Abortion, the fruitless agenda of the LGBTQ, selfish lifestyles and depopulation schemes – it’s all driven by disdain for God’s gift of life. 

In addition, to live as a Christian is to show the worldly muck for what it is. As Proverbs says, it is those who shun the wisdom of God who love death. But Scripture records of Noah – through his righteous life of faith, through his building an ark in the face of destruction – he “condemned the world”. We believe that Christ is risen and by feeding on his eternal Word, his body and blood, we will rise to life again on that final day. To some, that may be the scent of death, but to those who are being saved, it is the fragrance of life. 

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