All emergency, all the time

Don’t put away your tin foils hats just yet. If you’ve been listening through the excellent Brief History of Power series about the Cold War, you will know that governments can find it useful to keep a nation on a permanent war footing. Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, a psychiatry professor would agree. 

He joined The Federalist podcast to discuss how he was red-pilled to the deep rot in what he calls the “biomedical security state”. What seemed like a perfect storm of uncurious journalism, Big Pharma media sponsorship and the hiding of data by public health agencies he now believes is by design. 

Kheriaty says that militarised public health teamed with digital surveillance tools are being purposely used to maintain emergency powers – perhaps the endgame of war game scenarios carried out since 9/11. Kheriaty says that transparency is the solution, and that we should let our Representatives know that government agencies should not be allowed to operate in the shadows, but make all data available to the public.

In other pandemic news…

You probably haven’t heard much about this from corporate media, but Dr. Fauci (A.K.A. “I am The Science”) was grilled for hours after he was deposed recently as part of a lawsuit. Fauci was conveniently vague when it came to remembering details about his role in social media censorship of COVID information. It is not clear how much Fauci colluded in this matter, but his fingerprints are all over it. At the very least, it is plain that many of the people in charge of public health are ghouls

US Defense Secretary says that the military should keep its COVID vax mandate.

One state in Australia has withdrawn 33,000 COVID fines, saying it will reimburse people since the laws were not very clear. While that doesn’t address the greater problems with COVID tyranny generally, it is a small win. 

The World Health Organization has decided to rename monkeypox to just “mpox” so as to not offend people groups, animals or anyone from anywhere. Not to be confused with “Mmm Bop” the hit ear worm from Hanson.. you’re welcome

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