Dangerous quackery

Navy Seal Chris Beck, who lived as a woman for almost a decade, has spoken out about how he was manipulated into becoming a transgender woman. Beck said he was convinced by a VA-appointed psychologist that his depression was due to gender dysphoria. In a one hour session! 

He has accused the psychologist of using him, by making money on a book about his story. Beck says that therapists are pushing an agenda on patients and worries about the harm done to children who seek counseling. If vulnerable adults can be manipulated so, how much more children? 

Let’s just say deviants will not stop trying to justify their evil and will happily drag (no pun intended) kids down with them. Besides, gender confusion is very lucrative for hospitals, therapists and drug companies. 

very thorough report has been published at the American Principles Project, written by journalist Pedro Gonzalez. Gonzalez examines the history of transgenderism beginning with the gross experiments of John Money (which ruined the lives of many children) and the philosophy of Michel Foucault. Both men were sexual abusers. 

Although “dangerous quackery,” Money’s experiments were set as the standard for all future “treatments” and they remain unquestioned by interested groups – pharmaceutical companies, ambitious political operatives, clickbait-hungry corporate media, and sexual deviants everywhere. Although the report runs to 30 pages, it is very readable and will bring you up-to-speed on one of the defining ideologies of our time. 

We cannot wait for reason or commonsense to snap society back to sanity. Many of the folks driving this movement fit Saint Peter’s description of false teachers – brutish beasts “made to be caught and destroyed..having eyes full of adultery and that cannot cease from sin, enticing unstable souls.” One intellectual from Cambridge University even went so far as to speculate that Jesus might have had a “trans-body”. It would be ridiculous except that it is so vile, yet this is what we are dealing with – forces from the pit of Hell. 

Gonzalez writes that reversing this awful juggernaut requires aggressive recapture of institutions through political means, but any kind of groundswell against this insanity is not in vain. One parent who was losing her son to the transgender lie has written for The Federalist outlining a few things she did to combat it. After moving him to a new school with less activism, she also reduced access to screens and tech-fueled trans evangelists. Adolescence, she writes, is all about finding an identity and the allure of transgenderism is that is presents itself as such. The key is to build a “better identity”. 

So tweet, write, speak out and pray! Many folks are still unaware how sinister this ideology is or how many lives are being destroyed under the guise of compassion. Jesus Christ had strong condemnation for deceivers and those who would hurt little ones – they will reap what they sow. But he also gives a new identity in the waters of baptism, a sure place to stand when hellish lies threaten to sweep everything away. What a promise for those trapped in doubt and confusion! It is a light that shines in this dark place.

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