What are you afraid of?

(Part 12 in the multipart series “Where We Stand“)

If you can’t be on your own side, then don’t expect to win.

Christianity is not a theory. It is a man born to be king.

Either Jesus is still alive, or He is not.

This is not the kind of thing you think through and make a decision about, like buying a car. This is the kind of thing you think on, as in, this is a foundational assumption on which everything else hinges and hangs.

We are the Kingdom. The Reign has begun. You are the proof, a willing member of an end-of-the-world cult built on the revelation that all affliction is passing, all deception is resistible and all darkness is temporary.

There is an ark and you are aboard.

How little this fits into a neat and tidy package that can be gifted like a box of coloring crayons to the next generation ought to be obvious. Jesus chose you, personally. Jesus anointed you, physically. Jesus is calling, gathering, enlightening you, still pulling you up through the dregs of this visible insanity into the indissoluble resolution of His righteous mind.

This is not an option. This is not a hobby. This is the only thing that matters. We must guard, keep and cherish this, or we will not have it at all.

You do not fuel your own fire. You will not rev your own engine. You will not muster your own spirit. But you must believe that Jesus has given you His, and that changes everything.

What are you afraid of?

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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