Breaking the spell

Late last year, USA Today reported the story of Dr. Steve Lome, a cardiologist who saved two men’s lives after they each collapsed during the half-marathon in which he was competing. It could be a case of the Baader-Meinhof illusion, but it’s not just us who’s noticing that an awful lot of people – many young and healthy – are collapsing or dying. In a new poll, nearly half of Americans believe COVID vaccines are causing unexplained deaths, and a fourth say they think they know someone who died from an adverse reaction to the shots.

As Georgi Boorman lays out in her article at The Federalist, suspicion is not proof, but “the sheer prevalence of such suspicion should prompt serious inquiry” from medical authorities. Boorman wonders whether health officials know that the cost of admitting that these vaccines are dangerous is “too terrible” to face. But for justice to be done and for lessons to be learned, a lot of questions need answers. So don’t hold your breath, but do pray! As with many things in this vale of tears, we should ask, as the Psalmist does, that God would deliver us from lying lips.
And here’s a hot tip: If you don’t know CPR, consider learning how – it may be you who saves a life!

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