Alive to be born

The Republican party has settled in to its newly established majority in US Congress. All GOP lawmakers and a solitary Democrat voted to pass a “born alive” act, which stipulates that any baby who survives an abortion must be given medical care. While federal law already requires that a survivor of abortion receive medical care, The Blaze reports that this bill seeks to clarify the standard of care. Similar bills have been brought to the House before, but none have been signed into law.

It says a lot about Congressional representatives, that only half could bring themselves to support the bill, with pro-abortion ghouls trotting out the usual talking points – the bill seeks to control “women’s bodies” and is “extreme” and “unnecessary”. Rep Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said that the requirement for the baby to be treated in hospital might not in the best interest of an “infant’s well-being”. Sure, transporting a baby who has just had an attempt on his life may not be the best course of action, but the petulance of the pro-aborts and their unwillingness to cooperate with these measures shows they love death. 

There are not many babies who survive abortion – especially when compared to the amount that do not – but the fact that just one Dem broke party ranks to ramp up protection for the unborn shows where their priorities lie. All this happened at the same time that the FDA authorized drugstores to dispense chemical abortion drugs, which are harmful to women and deadly to babies. So, despite the claim that abortion advocates are interested in health, it’s clear they are deceived and deceiving. 

In other pro-life news, a pregnancy center in New York has had enough of waiting for the FBI to investigate attacks on its facility. CompassCare said it hired an investigator to find out who’s behind the crime. “We’re pursuing the kind of investigation that lawyers pursue when they’re looking to achieve justice on behalf of their clients, civil and criminal. So we’re not sitting on our hands just writing letters to the editor about it”, a spokesman told Fox News. (Godspeed to you, sir!)

Also, God be praised! A couple has given life to twin embryos, frozen for thirty years. Philip and Rachel Ridgeway decided to adopt the twins from the National Embryo Donation Center with Rachel carrying them to birth. Over 1 million children are “abandoned in freezers” in the USA alone, produced as leftovers from IVF procedures. 

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