Safety virtue signalling

After much obfuscation and censorship on the part of experts and our information gatekeepers, it is finally becoming more acceptable to discuss the danger presented by COVID vaccines. But just a little. The CDC has decided to investigate “safety signals” of Pfizer’s COVID booster after the number of ischemic strokes in those over 65 met the “statistical criteria” to trigger an investigation. Also, a number of journalists have managed to wring adverse reaction data out of the CDC through Freedom of Information requests and it does not look good. If you’d like an exhaustive breakdown, a post at ZeroHedge lays it all out. 

An economic research group, FRED, compiled Bureau of Labor disability statistics and it sure looks like something happened in early 2021 that caused a noticeable rise in disabilities.. We’ll leave readers to speculate what that might be. It is good that information is coming out, but watching celebrity scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson in a recent exchange is quite illustrative of how even brilliant minds can be captured by groupthink. As James Lindsay might snark, “You sound vaccinated.”

The DOD has finally ended its COVID vax mandate for military personnel. 

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