Not safe, but very effective

Tens of thousands of people marched to speak up on behalf of the unborn over the weekend, in the annual March for Life in Washington, DC. Though the Dobbs decision at the US Supreme Court last year was one of the biggest victories for the cause of life since 1973, the spirit of the age will continue to find novel ways to end human lives. The most vital battles probably won’t be legal ones or even ones which captivate the whole nation but will be the steady changing of minds through acts of compassion and standing resolutely on what we believe about God’s gift of life.

The makers of Plan B, better known as the “morning after pill,” have requested that their abortifacient drug go through a bit of a rebrand, asking the FDA to claim that it “prevents pregnancy by acting on ovulation” and therefore doesn’t “terminate a pregnancy”. Riiight. Readers may know that similar things are said of regular hormonal contraceptive drugs and as Rev. Fisk has pointed out, there is no way that manufacturers can guarantee that no babies are harmed by their potions. 

Drug-induced abortions now outstrip the gruesome regular type, with abortifacient medications available online and soon at retail pharmacies. But there is pushback on this. A group of pro-life physicians has launched a legal challenge to the FDA’s approval of  abortion drug, mifepristone. “The lawsuit charges that the FDA didn’t conduct safety studies and termed a pregnancy an “illness” in order to accelerate approval of the drug, which is also known as RU 486.”

It was great to see the nation turn to prayer for a hot minute, after the collapse of NFL player Damar Hamlin recently. But secular gods will not share the public square with anyone, so prayer is once again being pushed out of sight. A woman was arrested recently in the UK, apparently for standing too close to an abortion clinic. Remarkably the policeman asked her if she was praying. Another man who was praying for his aborted son, was advised that the area surrounding abortion clinics is a no-prayer zone and he was fined for his crime. 

Praying may soon be some sort of hate crime, but we know that the prayer of a righteous man scatters the darkness. While the devil would continue to murder babies with these deadly practices, applauded by medical experts, he cannot bear when the saints pray! Let’s be serial offenders – it may not always be safe for us, but it will always be effective. What a blessing!

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