Say gay or go home*

Things get nasty when men despise the laws of nature and especially the laws of nature’s God. No more is that clearly shown than in all the rotten fruit of the sexual revolution and the idolatry of self. Not only will those who are eating it encourage you to as well, they may turn vicious when you refuse to join in.

Defense man Ivan Provorov, who plays for the Philadelphia Flyers, kicked a hornet’s nest after sitting out during a “Pride”-themed warm-up skate. Provorov, who is Russian Orthodox, said he had to be true to his religion. Reactions were predictably insane. One Canadian newscaster said people who use their religious beliefs as a defense are undoubtedly hiding disturbing personal lives. US talking heads were not a lot better with one NHL analyst suggesting if Provorov can’t embrace the revolution, he should go back to Russia and fight against Ukraine. Or something like that. 

It is interesting that out of the whole team, it was one solitary foreigner who stood up and said, “No thanks.” As Baptist pastor Voddie Baucham reminded listeners during an interview, the man doesn’t recognize he’s in a fight has already lost. 

It would appear that fans liked Provorov’s mettle – his jersey sold out online

*borrowed from Allie Beth Stuckey’s podcast!

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