Warped speed

It doesn’t look like Big Pharma wasted any time deploying their untried therapy to make new products. While the main four COVID vaccines all use the virus’ spike protein in ways that are toxic, it seems the old ways of inoculating have been shoved in the attic of history, to collect dust until some future generation finds use for them. The race for vaccine supremacy seems to be between really nasty and slightly less nasty.

Recent reports showed that antibodies created by mRNA vaccines are poor quality, yet pharmaceutical giant Moderna saw its shares rise 7% in value after the company announced their new mRNA-based RSV vax is 84% effective at “preventing disease in older adults”. CEO Stéphane Bancel said in a recent interview that they had been conducting trials for this vax since January 2021. Wait, what?

Many folks are hoping for a few more answers about what just happened to us in the last three years before we barrel forward with such hubris, as we recently wrote. But it seems unlikely that the medical juggernaut is slowing its roll in the foreseeable future. The CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, did not respond when he was peppered with worthy questions by reporters, which might be indicative of all the answers we get.

Journalist Daniel Horowitz warns that the all-out rush to develop and distribute mRNA vaccines has given the combined medical/military establishment the blueprint it needed to plan more sketchy drug development. He brings evidence that the US Department of Defense has no qualms about funding drugs which tinker with human immune systems, ostensibly to continue its quest to counter biological weapons. In addition, since regulatory frameworks around new drugs were relaxed or altogether dispensed with during Operation Warp Speed, he argues that the ground is prepared for new “catch all” vaccines and drugs. 

These are wild claims, but then again, these are wild days. Anyone who tried to determine whether vaccines were safe or which were made using fetal cell lines will have an idea of how hard it is to find out how the sausage is made. Horowitz infers that this is only going to more difficult. Certainly, the fingerprints of so many non-medical agencies all over the pandemic response indicates that it was never really about public health at all. 

So it’s prudent to exercise care and discernment in this age of smoke and mirrors. But for we who are baptized into Christ, our merciful Father who watches the sparrows, will deliver us from every evil work and preserve us for His heavenly kingdom. Alleluia.

In other pandemic-related news, it has been revealed that Twitter was not the only social media platform censoring speech. Reason Magazine reports that the CDC “directly policed” speech on Facebook. Interestingly, last week, leaked video from Project Veritas shows Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressing doubts about the safety of the vaccines and suggesting people wait for more information before they take it. “Personally opposed, but…”?

This post was updated 23/01/23 to clarify that neither mRNA vaccines nor adenovirus vaccines are anything like their traditional counterparts. Both technologies are new and untested in the long term.

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