Your own reality

Here is your [almost] weekly reminder that the transgender ideology is diabolical and gross. Here’s a collection of things that happened just in the week:

The sparkly new owner of the Miss Universe brand Ana Jakrajutatip, a biological man from Thailand, hit the headlines as he took to the stage at the 2023 pageant. Jakrajutatip made a speech that would have boggled the mind of anyone, even just a few short years ago. He spun a meaningless word salad about girl power and women not being objectified any more. He spoke of how diversity is the way of the future while insisting that Miss Universe would be run solely by women and for women.

The Federalist ran a story of a gender-confused girl who was trafficked to sexual predators. When found by the FBI in a neighbouring state, a judge ruled against returning the teen to her parents, claiming that their unwillingness to affirm her as a boy was also abuse. 

Scotland’s wild gender bill was stopped in its tracks by UK prime minister, Rishi Sunak. The Gender Recognition Bill was set to make changing gender easier and independent of medical assessment.

video from 2018 resurfaced last and boy, is it a doozy. A spokesman (who thinks he’s a lady) from Pittsburgh Hospital’s pediatric Gender and Sexual Development Program suggested that unwanted wombs could be taken from “live donors” and placed in men who want to “‘have female physiological experience[s]'” such as menstruation and pregnancy”.

What a wretched state humans create when they set aside the law of God for manmade religions! The height of our arrogance! – the pot demanding of the Potter, “Why have you made me like this?” Our rebellion against reality smothers the joy and contentment that come from our creaturely station, knowing that our infinitely loving Creator made us as he intended. 

The ones who perpetuate this lie will not be the ones who pick up the pieces of the lives they shatter, so our churches must be places where people hear clarity, our families where distinctiveness of men and women is cherished and demonstrated. 

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