Just pretending

(Part 15 in the multipart series “Where We Stand”)

The study of the modern soul is a delve into the dark mechanics of dissection as purpose, the observation of nihilism as a spirit of fragmentation, an exposure of how the industrialization of the person is the industrialization of the self is the industrialization of a man’s inner talk. This is not something that could happen to you. This is what has happened to all of us. 

We are programmed. The gnosticizing machine of the talking picture has seen to that, leaving those of us reared on its spectral imagining ill-equipped for the gritty real of God’s good but corrupted earth. When you never see where your life comes from, when you instead buy it at the mall or at the online agora, you may be fat and happy today, but you never face the hard things. 

You never practice facing the hard things that are much of what life is about.

Soft of mind and heart is what they have made us. A nation of rugged individuals? More like a casino filled with video slots. The more time your soul spends in the “suspension of belief” necessary for imbibing talking pictures, the more dispossessed of your own psychology you will become. That is, the more possessed your heart will become of the worldly (but spectral) things you spend so much time seeing. That is, the more mindless (as opposed to mindful) you will become of the ways you are being constantly in-formed by someone who is not your God.

Or is it? 

A flood of stories is bombarding you. Wooing you. Cajoling you. Overwhelming you into feeling that whatever it says must be somewhat true, is probably necessary to check on, simply cannot be lived without. 

An actor who never leaves the stage, though he stay perfectly in character for the rest of his life, is quite mad. 

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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