Sensitive readers

The works of children’s author, Roald Dahl, have been given a little contemporary tune-upby Puffin Publishing House. Dahl wrote many well-loved children’s books, such as “Matilda”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” and “James and the Giant Peach”. “Sensitivity readers” were tasked with removing anything that might upset…well, anyone. Characters are described as “enormous” rather than fat and Willy Wonka’s… Read More Sensitive readers


It turns out that trains derail more often than you hear about, but golly! There seem to be a lot lately! The derailment of a Norfolk Southern train in East Palestine, Ohio, has a lot of folks worried for a number of reasons. While no one died in the accident on February 3rd, the train was transporting a variety… Read More Ohio

Trust Not

(Part 18 in the multipart series “Where We Stand“) “The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.” – from The New Left Notes, c.1960s Issue framing is not a tactic, but a principle of secular religion. Rule by sheer power inevitably demands on its altar the sacrifice of civilized reason. “Ignore the evidence,” the party… Read More Trust Not

Dis and Mis

Disinformation and misinformation…the dreaded evil twins who populated our news feeds throughout the pandemic. The President himself warned that these two rascals were killing people as they strafed across the peaceful plains of social media platforms. People can’t be allowed to just say whatever they want! The horror! As the Twitter Files have repeatedly shown, government, tech companies, and… Read More Dis and Mis

We’ll take it from here

Our readers will be aware that schools are complicit in pushing children into the transgendering pipeline, saturating curriculum with propaganda, and hiding their actions from families. But Alvin Lui from Courage is a Habit warns that school counselors are also playing an outside role in creating an “affirming” culture in schools, especially by redefining two terms: safe and abuse.… Read More We’ll take it from here

Half-life diet

Transgenerational epigenetics: A new mouse study suggests that what parents eat, drink and breathe may affect health outcomes for several generations. To caffeine… Coffee doesn’t give you energy, but rather borrows it by staving out the drowsy feelings. Which explains the 3:30pm payback.  One reporter decided to follow Nancy Pelosi’s diet for a week. According to Insider, the former Speaker eats like… Read More Half-life diet

A little bot goes a long way

The success of Open AI’s ChatGPT app has other tech companies rushing to launch their own machine-learning bots. Google may have stepped on a rake though, with their Bard search tool being pulled for making a factual error. The little mistake wiped almost $100BN off the company’s market value. Ouch.  Meanwhile, a ChatGPT output has gone viral after choosing global destruction over racist speech. A journalist asked… Read More A little bot goes a long way