Good cop, bad cop

Protests have been held in a number of US cities after the death of Tyre Nichols. Nichols, 29, was pulled over for allegedly driving recklessly. A number of black police officers brutally beat him and he died of his injuries three days later. 

Protestors, including members of Antifa, have been standing off against police in Atlanta, with Governor Kemp declaring a state of emergency as buildings have been burned and cars trashed. The violence broke out after a man who was protesting outside a police training facility fired on officers and was shot. 

It is clear that policing in America is in something of a crisis. Clearly there are troubled people within the force who shed innocent blood.  In the case of the men charged with Tyre Nichols’ death, Daily Wire claims that standards had been lowered to attract recruits. 

At the same time, calls for defunding the police since the riots of 2020 have demoralized police departments, making recruiting difficult and pushing many officers out of the profession. A number of Democrat-run localities have downgraded serious crimes, meaning police must stand by until events escalate. It’s a tough gig. 

In related news, the NYPD found an Apple air tag under the hood of a patrol vehicle, leading the department to warn its staff to be vigilant. The small device enables tracking using an Apple phone. 

Pray for peace on our streets, for violence to be brought to an end and for justice to be established in our cities. 

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