For whose eyes only?

Let he who is without classified documents cast the first stone? A CNN reporter has proposed an amnesty over mishandled papers. More documents were found in the possession of President Biden and former VP Mike Pence admitted he also found some in his home. Jamie Gangel said, “I think we will see in the coming days the [National] archives reach out to all the former presidents and ask them to go back and check.” It does raise questions about the system of archiving and how any classified documents are removed from the executive branch. 

Meanwhile, a former FBI agent (who was part of the investigation into President Trump campaign’s illegal ties to Russian oligarchs) has been arrested for illegal ties to Russian oligarchs. The Post Millennial is also reporting that a newly declassified letter shows that Hillary Clinton came up with the Russia collusion hoax which dogged much of Donald Trump’s presidency.

On the subject of leaked documents… The origin of a leaked Supreme Court opinion about the Dobb’s decision has still not been found.

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