Masters of the universe

The Davos party for the World Economic Forum is well and truly over and by now all the souvenirs are probably taking their place of pride in the pool houses and home libraries of various elites. No doubt the fond memories remain: the courtesans, the unique musical entertainment, and the general planning of global takeover. 

Prominent opinion has varied on whether the whole organization is really just fake news and a toothless tiger as Chris Rufo believes. The writers at Spiked largely agree saying that the WEF is a grift and Davos is a shiny object to attract gormless elites who spout nonsense to impress each other. For folks outside the Davos bubble, they are certain, the bluster rings hollow. 

But even if you think there is no real power in this self-appointed nobility, the desire to funnel capital into their world-saving projects is clear. The side-effect necessarily involves constricting liberties including private property and free market. They spelled it out in their 2030 vision: you’ll own nothing and be happy. 

Psychologist Jordan Peterson announced he’s starting a “human-focused” think tank, an alternative to the “apocalyptic narrative” broadcast by the WEF. Peterson said the consortium will pitch a positive vision for the future including systems of government that aren’t imposed globally from the top down. He also said they’d like to focus on how to make cheap energy available to more people and to increase the birth rate among “long-term monogamous couples who are child-centered”. 

Schwab vs Peterson? May the best plan win. 🍿

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