Modest gains

Utah has passed a modest bill which prohibits medical professionals from prescribing hormone treatment to children. The bill also directs the state’s HHS to review medical evidence of such treatments. In Virginia, a bill known as “Sage’s Law” would require schools to let parents know if their child is being treated as the opposite sex at school. The story behind the bill, which we referred to last month, is heartbreaking. 

Modest gains, but lots of pushback. Nebraska Democrat Megan Hunt introduced a bill which would ban children from attending “religious indoctrination camps” such as Vacation Bible School or youth group camps. Hunt says that the “well-documented” presence of sexual predators at such events means they are in the “hyper-sexualized” category that her opposition places drag queen shows. 

In Florida, school librarians in one liberal county removed every book from shelves in protest over new laws on race and sexual content, saying they would “err on the side of caution” rather than giving kids just the good stuff. It may be by design that educators play dumb when it comes to explicit material. But perhaps the white noise has so corrupted their morals that Justice Stewart’s criteria doesn’t translate now – could it be that not everyone knows pornography when they see it?

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