Profit and loss

The FDA has proposed that covid shots be made available as an annual inoculation. But as we mentioned recently, there are still many questions around the long-term safety and efficacy of these vaccines. Since it is clearer than ever that covid is only life-threatening to particular segments of the population, surely it would be prudent to wait before rolling out an annual jab? 

But far from waiting for conclusive results to come to light, undercover video suggests that Pfizer, at least, would like to continue developing vaccines by tinkering with viruses in a process one employee casually referred to as “directed evolution”. Although the video has not been fact-checked, Pfizer responded anyway with a bunch of weasel words, insisting they are definitely not engaging in dangerous gain-of-function research, but are rather engineering viruses to “enable the assessment of antiviral activity in cells”. There, feel better now? 

The Average Joe can concede the attraction of Big Pharma to profit, even perhaps at the expense of some folks’ health – well, these drugs are not cheap to make, after all! Money makes the world go ’round. Even more so, in our unhinged and relativistic age where “wellness” means the very opposite and pathology has social currency, the cure is as lucrative as the disease. It’s unlikely that the rich and powerful are losing much sleep worrying that their products make people sick. As it has been said, there’s no money to be made off healthy people. 

But naked greed is only part of the impulse behind this recklessness. Increasingly, those who pull the levers of the medical industrial complex want you to believe that their goals are loftier than saving peoples’ lives – they are busy working toward the greater good. If you have to break a few eggs to make this omelette, too bad for them. 

What else could explain why med students in Minnesota pledged to “fight systemic racism” and “structural violence” instead of focusing on “do no harm”? Or why scientists feel entitled to continue with dangerous and unethical research? And what’s up with the FDA saying it’s no big deal if “men who have sex with men” are now allowed to donate blood? Is there a sweep of Occam’s razor that can provide a benign and satisfying explanation? 

It would seem that we don’t even need to search far to find the new mission laid out in the starkest terms. The influential medical journal, The Lancet, just  suggested a “revolutionary shift of perspective” is necessary when making decisions about health care. The writers propose a model that moves away from “human-centered” priorities to focus on “ecological equity”. Breitbart writes: “The Lancet suggests that the life of a human being is not necessarily worth more than the life of any non-human animal.”

The Bible clearly tells us that the spirit of the age is happy to kill and destroy, as are those who come under his influence. So even if there is no malicious plan to depopulate the planet (Rev. Fisk has written about this previously), it’s certain that “they” do not value human lives. Reducing the amount of people in the world is a happy side effect of their magnanimous-sounding but deadly ideology. The umbrella of the “greater good” is enough cover for the dysgenic effects of this apothecary.

Yet if we believe we are of no more value than animals, God’s order is subverted. If we think we are no better than beasts, we will act like beasts, lives triaged according to their carbon footprint, or intersectional rating. There is no virtue in virtue signaling. 

So where does that leave the Christian man? Get strong, get healthy as you can! God be praised for the men and women who still work to bring healing to sick people, whether in mind or body. We can join them in living by the truth that man is unique among Creation, an image bearer, made a little lower than the angels, crowned with glory a honor. 

While men will suffer the hurt of their own destructive religions, we will trust ourselves to the Great Physician, who gives us the words of eternal life and the supper to sustain us through this valley. He is risen, which means you will rise also. You are immortal and he is coming soon. 

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