Working like a machine

It can write praise songs that could be about Jesus or a boyfriend. It can write in the style of Thomas Aquinas (if you don’t mind that all the saints get “blended”). Now media outlet, Buzzfeed is going to use artificial intelligence program ChatGPT to write for them. The learning engine will start out generating content, such as quizzes, but Buzzfeed hopes AI will replace some of its staff this year. 

Tech media site, CNET has experimented with using ChatGPT to write news reports, but found that some stories needed ‘”substantial correction” by a human. One expert said that we still need human writers and that perhaps the machines should stick to “non-political and non-controversial subjects, not areas that really touch society in a meaningful way.”

Given the dreadful job our corporate media types do of reporting the facts, maybe some robot writing would be an improvement! 

In related news.. A bunch of Stanford students have been using ChatGPT on their final exam, with educators expressing concern about the impact “on student learning, and concerns regarding the safety and accuracy of content.” Meanwhile, a Canadian student has built an app to detect when ChatGPT has been used to write an essay. So, kind of swings and roundabouts.

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