99 Red balloons

NORAD has admitted they have a “domain awareness gap” when it comes to low-altitude, slow moving objects like, say, Chinese spy balloons. But they’ve been making up for lost time, with military jets shooting down two more objects hovering over America. Although the description of one object doesn’t sound much like a balloon, leading author/blogger Matt Walsh to hope that it wasn’t a friendly alien visit

“Domain awareness” is an intelligence-related concept but seems to be a bit vague. It has to do with assessment of military capabilities within the physical realms of sky, sea, land, space and now expanded to include cyberspace. To answer the question of why suddenly there has been a flurry of UFOs over North America, Politico reports that the US has changed the search parameters when it comes to filtering the sensor data they collect.

To another mystery… Award-winning investigative journalist Seymour Hersch has concluded that all evidence points to the Biden administration as the source of sabotage that destroyed the Nordstream pipeline last year. It is hard to understand why the government would do such a thing when allies in Europe were heavily dependent on the line for energy supply, but Hersch believes that President Biden wanted to hurt Russia’s economic prospects as much as possible. Well, the President did say at one point that the US would “bring an end to” the pipeline if Russia invaded Ukraine.

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