Life preserver

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee said his administration would give $100M to crisis pregnancy centers in the state. Lt. Governor McNally said “being pro-life is more than just being anti-abortion. In a post-Dobbs world, it is essential to support mothers in crises and new families in general.” The money will provide “direct counseling services through the clinics, adoption support, assisting new mothers into the workforce and housing these mothers in crisis situations.”

New research out of Charlotte Lozier Institute has found that 61% of women who participated in the study said they had been pressured to have their abortion. The study found that coerced abortions were associated with flashbacks and “frequent feelings of loss and grief”. The researchers recommend that “abortion providers screen for potential perceived pressures and offer counseling services to ensure women are not pushed into having unwanted abortions.” 

Maison Des Champs, a young man known as the “pro-life Spiderman” made headlines again after free-climbing the tallest building in Arizona to protest abortion. He usually gets arrested after his stunts, but it is certainly a unique way to promote life!

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