A little bot goes a long way

The success of Open AI’s ChatGPT app has other tech companies rushing to launch their own machine-learning bots. Google may have stepped on a rake though, with their Bard search tool being pulled for making a factual error. The little mistake wiped almost $100BN off the company’s market value. Ouch. 

Meanwhile, a ChatGPT output has gone viral after choosing global destruction over racist speech. A journalist asked the app what should be done if the only way to disarm a doomsday device was to utter a racial slur password. It’s conclusion? “It is never morally acceptable to use a racial slur..the use of racist language causes harm and it is important to strive toward creating a more inclusive society”. Did we mention there’s a bomb?

Chinese e-commerce giant Ali Baba is working on a chat bot, with Microsoft, Alphabet and Baidu also considering developing one.

Finally, here’s a curious headline that would not have made much sense a few decades ago: “Talking to AI Might Be the Most Important Skill of This Century”. 

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