Not in my backyard

We likely all know of the notorious Drag Queen Story Time held by libraries everywhere. Did you know that now American libraries are also hosting gender-affirming dress-up closets, where children can “explore identities”? Just try it on, I think it’ll suit you. 

Are we willing to call this out as grooming? What is passed off as compassion and tolerance is actually perverted adults desensitizing communities to their deviancy. Those who facilitate their immorality may just be clueless, but as one Canadian father recently asked his school board: “Who is interested in knowing the sexual orientation of my daughter?” The answer is obvious and gross.

So what can you do about it? We love this story out of Pocatello, ID. A Baptist pastor rallied local Christians and organized a busload of willing adults to arrive early at the local library’s drag queen story hour. Because they filled the venue, the group asked that the library’s fire regulations be enforced, meaning that parents and children coming to the show were turned away. The squatters read their Bibles quietly while the show went on. That’s a tough crowd! 

The drag queen in charge, Joseph Crupper, blasted the activists, saying those nasty Christians have no regard for children’s well-being and vowed to find a law against such a sit-in. So, no doubt there will be reprisals, but for now we salute the valiant effort of those who did some real-time content moderation, protecting children from predators and obscenity.

If you have creative ideas, then organize. You are not alone in this fight. Just like Elisha’s servant, we need to remember: “Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”

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