(Part 1 in the multipart series “Against All Odds”) The history of the Christian Church is an unmitigated, worldly disaster. Believing in Jesus Christ is always an exercise in repentance, but when it comes to the article of faith, “I believe in the Christian Church,” we find the need for meek assessment. For while it cannot… Read More Unbelievable

No discrimination detected

Members of an Arizona school board have voted to ban student-teachers from Arizona Christian University. The student-teachers were deemed a threat to LGBTQ pupils since ACU holds to biblical marriage. Quizzically, members of the board reasoned that this is not a case of religious discrimination as “there are plenty of Christian denominations who are LGBTQ-friendly”. Albert Mohler addressed… Read More No discrimination detected

Night shift

Attorney General Merrick Garland has been grilled by Republican lawmakers at a special hearing over the FBI response to attacks on pro-life centers. Senator Mike Lee asked if anything besides politics could explain the lack of prosecutions. The AG said it’s hard for the Bureau to find the perpetrators since those criminals usually work at night and are… Read More Night shift

Where we stand

(Part 19 and the final installment of the multipart series “Where We Stand“) When cultures come into contact with each other they have three options: The technocratic, transhumanist, totalitarian, segregationalistic, hardly-scientific-mostly-one-world religious “Left” is, among many other things, a “culture” that we have come into contact with. To fight back against any assault, cells of resistance must form.… Read More Where we stand