Almost like the real thing

Artificial intelligence is all the rage, with machine and language models presenting all sorts of new tools for creators. Rev Fisk wrote last week about his adventures with ChatGPT and you can read about it here. But innovations in the use of A.I. are being released on a daily basis, it seems.  Adobe will integrate generative AI models into its new Firefly suite, with users… Read More Almost like the real thing

My first veto

President Biden made his first presidential veto last week, denying a GOP-sponsored bill. Republican lawmakers sought to cement Trump-era changes to how retirement funds can be invested. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974 was introduced to keep fund managers accountable, requiring that maximizing financial returns be the main criteria for investments. The ERISA… Read More My first veto


(Part 1 in the multipart series “Against All Odds”) The history of the Christian Church is an unmitigated, worldly disaster. Believing in Jesus Christ is always an exercise in repentance, but when it comes to the article of faith, “I believe in the Christian Church,” we find the need for meek assessment. For while it cannot… Read More Unbelievable

No discrimination detected

Members of an Arizona school board have voted to ban student-teachers from Arizona Christian University. The student-teachers were deemed a threat to LGBTQ pupils since ACU holds to biblical marriage. Quizzically, members of the board reasoned that this is not a case of religious discrimination as “there are plenty of Christian denominations who are LGBTQ-friendly”. Albert Mohler addressed… Read More No discrimination detected