Permission to speak freely?

The Department of Energy has joined the FBI and several other government agencies in concluding that available evidence points to a Wuhan lab leak as the most likely origin for covid. Readers may remember that scientists such as Eric Weinstein noted that the virus had markers which indicated it had been tinkered with by humans, way back in 2020. He was bounced out of polite social media circles for his claims, but apparently you can say it now.

So why has it taken so long for this conclusion to come from official channels? One reason is the lack of coverage of the story by corporate media. MSNBC presenter Mehdi Hasan blamed conspiracy theorists, tweeting, “The simple reason why so many people weren’t keen to discuss the ‘lab leak’ *theory* is because it was originally conflated by the right with ‘Chinese bio weapon’ conspiracies and continues to be conflated by the right with anti-Fauci conspiracies.” We assumed it was a journalist’s job to sort out the facts?

Some social media commentators seemed puzzled as to what difference it makes where the virus came from. If covid occurred naturally, there are things that could be done to mitigate the damage in the event of another pandemic. But if it was a manufactured pathogen that escaped from a secure lab, was covered up by Chinese or Western powers resulting in the deaths of millions? Well, that seems kind of important!

The Select Subcommittee will hear more more testimony about the origins of covid on March 8 and the Senate agreed to declassify all documents pertaining to the Wuhan lab.

A panel of experts called to testify last week to a congressional committee on covid did not hold back their criticism of government response to the pandemic. Stanford professor Jay Bhattacharya blasted bureaucrats for lockdowns, mandates, and squandering public trust in medicine. Epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff mocked public health leaders for forgetting about natural immunity for three years. Surgeon Marty Makary called the US government the “biggest perpetrator of misinformation”.

Covid vax maker, Novovax said it may go out of business when government contracts end later this year.

In related news, President Biden wants $1.6bn to fight covid grant fraud.

Meanwhile, Brazil’s president Lula Da Silva is hoping for a 100% vaccinated population.

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