Where we stand

(Part 19 and the final installment of the multipart series “Where We Stand“)

When cultures come into contact with each other they have three options:

  1. Fight
  2. Trade
  3. Leave

The technocratic, transhumanist, totalitarian, segregationalistic, hardly-scientific-mostly-one-world religious “Left” is, among many other things, a “culture” that we have come into contact with.

To fight back against any assault, cells of resistance must form. While the world is losing its grip, it will be natural to clamp down harder, force the issue. Don’t. Trying not to be fragile makes you fragile. Panic is the giving way to the reign of irrational instinct. Lack of confidence is born of lack of discipline.

To survive, you must believe that you can.

Because you can, you will reassert self-control, enact patience and build toward the clarity and prudent action that will outlast this mess.

Fact: shortages are coming:

  • supply chain confusions
  • valuable currencies capable of generational wealth transfer
  • pastors
  • parishes
  • wombs

Starting something new is more difficult than inheriting. But it is also exhilarating, fulfilling, and about so much more than just you. Jesus elects when you die. Jesus chooses when you rise. Jesus is inside of us. The promise is that:

  1. We shall not cease to struggle.
  2. The struggle shall not destroy us.

We shall overcome.

Would that you reigned… – St. Paul

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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