Transgender lawsuits

Two lawsuits look set to open a bit of a floodgate and we’re here for that. Chloe Cole, an outspoken de-transitioner is suing medical providers for coercing her into “irreversible chemical and surgical interventions” to live as a boy. A similar case is being brought by a woman in Canada, who was prescribed testosterone and underwent both a bilateral mastectomy and a hysterectomy during a mental health crisis in which she believed herself to be a man”.

Recent research found that cross-sex hormones substantially increases the risk of strokeand cardiac problems. The study concluded that “transitioning” is not a “risk-free endeavor” and recommended that enhanced screening and counseling should be completed before starting the process. 

So know that your prayers are not in vain, people are waking up and by God’s grace this practice will come to an end.
Meanwhile, men keep crushing it in women’s sports. A former male athlete recently broke the women’s track record at Canada’s Masters games. “Tiffany” Newell said he could have competed in the open, “non-binary” category, but he doesn’t “feel comfortable racing against men.” We can only imagine how his female competitors feel…

Mid Vermont Christian School Eagles has withdrawn from their division IV state tournament after refusing to play against a transmogrified male player.

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