No discrimination detected

Members of an Arizona school board have voted to ban student-teachers from Arizona Christian University. The student-teachers were deemed a threat to LGBTQ pupils since ACU holds to biblical marriage. Quizzically, members of the board reasoned that this is not a case of religious discrimination as “there are plenty of Christian denominations who are LGBTQ-friendly”.

Albert Mohler addressed this case on his podcast pointing out that, “bad theology produces more than just more bad theology.” Although the argument of the Board is ridiculous, liberal churches, “confuse the world about the moral and theological convictions” of Christianity. Yes, they could crack open a Bible to find out what faithful Christians believe, but we can’t wait for that to happen. Let’s know what we believe and stand boldly on it!

 The ACU is suing the board members.

Speaking of religious liberty… The Supreme Court of the USA will allow a Florida prayer vigil case to continue. Atheist plaintiff Art Rojas says the vigil amounted to a state-sponsored religious event. Justice Clarence Thomas said courts should revisit the “offended observer” theory.

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