My pronouns are “un/suitable”

It possibly depends on who you talk to, but we may have passed peak woke. Phew! The backlash against identitarian ideals does seem to be getting louder, at least in some places. And we’re here for it.

A Twitter user’s post has gone viral after she stated that if she were hiring staff, she would disregard applications which nominated “preferred pronouns”. The video has over 8 million views, so a lot of folks are talking about it. It is an interesting point of cultural analysis though – unless your Human Resources department is already a woke monster, progressive employees can change the culture of an entire workplace. “Preferred pronouns” might signal a HR disaster waiting to happen. 

Journalist Bobby Burack believes we’ve reached a tipping point when it comes to the influence of identity politics on our culture. He writes that the aim of this brand of progressivism is a “pursuit with no end.” Although the desire for social justice is a commendable one, Burack says it is now the misdirected dogma of a “fanatical minority” who want to push America in a direction that is against the wishes of the majority. And according to his observations, people are jumping ship. “A movement begins to crater when it mutates into a cult, and the more fair-minded figures abandon the mission.”

We hope these young people are on to something, but schemes to turn men against each other and breed enmity are always percolating in one form or another – they are straight out of the devil’s playbook and work on unregenerate hearts. Whatever new tools the devil may co-opt for his destructive ends, it is always with the intention of keeping men distracted from truth, divided and angry, devoid of hope or joy. 

So if the gods of wokeness are about to be discarded in the trash heap of history, so be it. All the more reason to boldly speak hope to the ones whose idols are falling, peace to those who are warring and love for those who curse us, on account of Christ who died for us, even while we were his enemies.

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