Double danger

YouTube announced last week that it will be updating its policies to deal with content about eating disorders. They promised to take a nuanced approach, acknowledging that “a video about a creator’s eating disorder recovery journey can help” others. But content that “features imitable behavior, or behavior that we worked with experts to determine can lead at-risk… Read More Double danger

Blue checks for me, but not for thee

Some weeks, Elon Musk almost needs his own sidebar. His “loose cannon” approach to things has seen him fill headlines for the last couple of weeks. Late last week, a BBC journalist had his hat handed to him after Musk asked him to verify his claims about Twitter. During an interview with Tucker Carlson, he dropped a number of truth bombs, including… Read More Blue checks for me, but not for thee

Beer wars

We mentioned last week that the maker of Bud Light beer is facing a backlash after its decision to include a trans-identified influencer in its commercials. As political action, boycotts are a mixed bag (here and here), some work, some fail. These days, if companies are truly wedded to the views they espouse in their branding, they might happily… Read More Beer wars

A little too chatty

News last week came that Italy has banned Open A.I.’s ChatGPT. Italian regulators said concerns about data collection and protection have not been addressed. They also took issue with lax age-verification processes, saying the app “exposes minors to absolutely unsuitable answers compared to their degree of development and awareness”. It’s clear that if language bots are here… Read More A little too chatty

Disturbing the disturbed

Champion swimmer Riley Gaines, who has been quite fearless in her defense of biological sex, was attacked by a male trans activist while speaking at a women’s event. San Francisco University, which hosted the event praised students for “protesting peacefully”. No charges have been laid.    In Canada, Billboard Chris, a father who engages strangers in conversations about the dangers… Read More Disturbing the disturbed

Learn to surf

(Part 2 in the multipart series “Against All Odds”) The history of the Christian Church is an unmitigated, worldly disaster. Yet against all odds, catholic-orthodox (read: Trinitarian) Christianity is an astonishing success. The Church of Jesus Christ is, without question, the most historically successful religion in the world. Most of this has happened without our help. It is… Read More Learn to surf