All your songs

May all your songs be true.

Life is beautiful. Ugly is not. Everyone knows this. 

But somehow we’ve gone and gotten ourselves tied in knots of such ugliness that we’re not allowed to talk about ugly any more. Ugly doesn’t exist, or something. You’re all beautiful just the way you are. It’s in the eye of the beholder or blah blah?

This nonsense ends up being little more than skin deep. While it is possible to say a woman’s face is ugly or beautiful, that is certainly not the Christian meaning of the word. The ostricization of the word ugly from the Christian vocabulary for reasons of pure vanity is diabolical.

Life is beautiful. It is drastic and tragic and raucous. It is rash, and reflective and exhilarating. It is alive, and designed, and far more than meets the eye.

Ugly is different. It is vile and cruel and hateful. It is wicked and malicious and destructive. It is proud, and greedy, and gross.

A woman is ugly because of what she says more than what she wears. Men too.

The devil is ugly. His lies are ugly. In fact, everything ugly is ugly because of them. Therein lies the keystone. The only thing that is ugly is the lie. Perhaps that is the lie some kid on the playground called you a long time ago. Or maybe it is the lie that you keep repeating on the inside of your head because its just the way your mother talked to herself. Or maybe its the latest, greatest reason to hoard worldly goods for pious reasons, or to not have enough time for those you love, or not get to church, or fail to pray….

We don’t usually call a straight line beautiful. 

We call it true.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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