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(Part 2 in the multipart series “Against All Odds”)

The history of the Christian Church is an unmitigated, worldly disaster. Yet against all odds, catholic-orthodox (read: Trinitarian) Christianity is an astonishing success. The Church of Jesus Christ is, without question, the most historically successful religion in the world.

Most of this has happened without our help. It is to the wonder of our enemies who have often thought us down for the count. It is to the chagrin of the Amalekites that God’s chosen Israel cannot be killed.

Even as the scepter of wickedness distorts everything about life in this age, Jesus of Nazareth is an old God. He is the Old God. More, it is his Hebraic blood religion that has been the only thing keeping this planet alive for millenia. Divine authority, divine right, puts down roots such as modern man can only opine about. The CGI-fueled erotica of Hollywood’s dream machines may have mass-formation zombified hordes of simpletons at the behest of the Dragon. But this does not mean that God’s promises have failed. Rather, “For there must also be factions among you, that those who are approved may be recognized among you.

Licentiousness. Craven hunger. Worldly hoarding. Carnal profiteering.

The fiery fragmentation of the West and her institutions into idolatrous pantheism is also an ideological path of self-destruction.

Without God, there is no reason. Without reason, there is no man.

Empires crumble. But the cult of Jesus Christ’s baptismal anointing is still here. We’re not going anywhere. Against all odds, this Kingdom has already conquered.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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