Disturbing the disturbed

Champion swimmer Riley Gaines, who has been quite fearless in her defense of biological sex, was attacked by a male trans activist while speaking at a women’s event. San Francisco University, which hosted the event praised students for “protesting peacefully”. No charges have been laid.   

In Canada, Billboard Chris, a father who engages strangers in conversations about the dangers of transitioning children, was also attacked by a man in a dress after he attended a pro-transgender event. Chris, who has had his arm broken by a trans activist in the past was blamed by Vancouver police for the meleé. One officer deemed the encounter a “consensual fight” and said it was Chris’ choice to come to the rally. 

There is a bit of a pattern, yes? But progressive elites continue to close ranks around the delusion that it is the “trans community” is under attack. Like a lot of hot button topics, the first reports are the least accurate, but they are also the ones that stick. Yet the stats bear it out: there is no epidemic of violence against trans-identifying people. 

In a move designed to keep dissenters on the back foot, Ontario Provincial Parliament member Kristyn Wong-Tam introduced a bill that would criminalize “offensive threats, offensive remarks, protests…and distribution of hate propaganda”. Like the FACE act, which bans pro-life supporters from standing outside abortion clinics, this bill would prohibit folks (like Chris) from being within 100m of any trans event, including drag queen shows. 

Auron McIntyre is convinced that these moves are designed to provoke decent people into violence. Certainly “disturbing the peace” has been redefined to suit a specific worldview, as Dr Koontz and Rev Fisk pointed out in last week’s Brief History podcast. McIntyre pleaded with conservatives to “stay safe and stay frosty”.

As we are aware, the hour is dark but the enemy has always wanted to destroy lives, that is nothing new. The Resurrection, which we have just celebrated, proves that the Light came into the world and the darkness will never overcome it. Take heart and pray some Psalms! Our own Mad Christian shared his encouragement in last week’s Stop the White Noise – if your enemies knew who you pray to, they might think twice about attacking you. You are a paid for, immortal, son of God!

It may seem like trans-identified “girl” Dylan Mulvaney is everywhere at the moment. A host of brands, including Bud Light recently featured him in ad campaigns. The New York Post made an interesting observation – featuring LGBTQ people in your marketing is like woke “carbon credits”.  In order to keep the Corporate Equality Index mafia off their backs, companies are handing out lucrative deals to the most mentally unstuck and outspoken heroes of the gender cult. 

The Federalist compile a running tally of companies who are pushing trans insanity. 

In some positive news… Indiana and Idaho are the latest states to ban transgender procedures for children. They join 13 other states who have already passed similar legislation. 

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