Reject Modernism

(Part 3 in the multipart series “Against All Odds”)

Reject modernism. 

Do it. 

You can keep the electricity, too. You’ll just want to use it differently. But the central tenet to a not-modern life is not getting off the grid. It is remembering that the future will never be better than the present. 

That is the lie that callouses so deeply. “We have it better now,” is a twisted truth. It denies the fact that things go on as they have from beginning. It asserts that the present is better than the past, and in so doing forgets that suffering always seems unbearable while you are in it. 

The principle that would cripple your rebellion against the world is this: overt, daily focus on tomorrow ingrains a mental train of thought that is hard to get off. When the future is always a place you need to get to – and soon – then your spirit must always chase “progress”. The result will be a wholly dissatisfying ”now.” Believing earnestly in a better tomorrow is the psychological pitfall of despising the present. 

Wisdom is the capacity to see what is actually going on. Sometimes what is actually going on doesn’t look so good. Sometimes it calls for a change in direction. Sometimes it calls for repentance. 

Most times, those are the same thing. 

You are immortal now. Live like it.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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