How Honest Should I Be?

The Nimrodian World Empire didn’t just get started with the Bilderbergers and the bankers and the robber-barons-cum-silicon-gurus. The battle against Christianity is as old as Babel and more ancient still. The only difference is that today we are afraid there might be demon involvement behind the great pagan empires (like the United States), whereas the Christians before 1950’s brainwashing tech knew there were demons ever at the heights of world power.

In the present zeitgeist, Biblically-minded Christians must expect outright hostility from Americans weened on TV and TikTok. The new normal is not masks but maliciousness and vile spite for God and his people.

No new endeavor taken up in the name of this debauchery can be expected to find God’s blessing. If Ahab and Jezebel build a rocket to Mars, Jehoshaphat is supposed to stay home. But we must at the same time seize every opportunity to pillage the Egyptians as we are cast out from them. Daniel, exiled in Babylon, knew the value of a library and a few well-used, reread, reliable scrolls.

But more than all of this is a fact: manhood must be recovered; masculinity must be redeemed; majesty must be restored. This is not a call to replace the work of our Lord Christ Jesus on the cross. This is a call to follow him.

Till angel cry and trumpet sound,
The Mad Christian

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