Collision course

Target may well be having a Bud Light moment, as angry parents and child advocates let the company know what they thought of its range of “pride” clothing. Parents took to social media to point out that women’s swimsuits with “extra crotch room” (let the reader understand) were prominently on display. Target (and all the factcheckers) responded that these… Read More Collision course

Dinner music

Can music the way food and drink tastes? According to new data, the answer is Yes! Airlines were the first to recognize that “air pressure, humidity levels, and cabin noise” have an effect on our sense of taste.” But leaders in the field of “sonic studies” found that “certain sounds are implicitly associated with particular food… Read More Dinner music

Weaving a tangled web

Last week saw the long-awaited publishing of a report from Special Counsel John Durham. The document concludes a three year investigation into “matters related to intelligence activities and investigations arising out of the 2016 presidential campaigns” of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The report focused on the FBI bias in its treatment of the two candidate’s races. … Read More Weaving a tangled web

Quick hits for the eyebuds #175

😧 Chrysler recall: 2014-2016 Jeeps may catch on fire🪖 Feeding armies throughout history 🎮 Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom sold 10m copies in three days🥣 An AI recipe generator suggests recipes based on your ingredients⏰ The wildest timepieces you’ll see 🇲🇽 Soccer goalie keeper scores goal from his end of the pitch 👀 America’s workforce if it were 100 people😂 When different eras of Hollywood collide🤯 Scallops use jet-propulsion clapping to zoom around 🐕 Brains of domestic dogs are getting bigger🥸 This spider pretends to be an… Read More Quick hits for the eyebuds #175

State of fear

The pandemic really was a weird time. Do you remember “Scary Poppins,” the all-singing, all-dancing head of the proposed disinformation department? Her mission was to stop people saying wrong things about covid-19 and replace that with government-approved messaging. Well, after a whole lot of backlash, the plan was shelved. (Sort of..) But the fact that the… Read More State of fear

All that glisters..

Joseph Pulitzer once said that an “able, disinterested, public-spirited press” was pivotal to maintaining a free Republic. Conversely, he warned, “a cynical, mercenary, demagogic press will produce in time a people as base as itself.” A century later, it would be interesting to see what Pulitzer thinks of today’s fractured media landscape.  At the New York Post, writer Jesse Adams says Pulitzer… Read More All that glisters..

One direction only

Sadly, we must keep returning to the issue of gender confusion and its demonic enablers. While Democrats in various states want health insurance companies to cover transgender procedures, they are refusing to extend the same accomodations to de-transitioners. Oregon Dems would not allow any amendment to their Bill, even when presented with evidence that as many as 30%… Read More One direction only