Not safe for children

It is an observable fact that the United Nations has lost its way. Once positioned in the public imagination as an organization that could save the world, the list of criticisms against it, including horrible scandals are many. The UN may well be the perfect handmaid of global elites as it now favors abortion and population control measures, infringes on national sovereignty, and allows autocrats a seat at the table. You would think that would be enough to have the thing dismantled, but it gets worse. In its March report, the UN claims that children can consent to sex with adults. While this may come as a shock to some, others said the quiet part out loud: this was the plan all along

When evil is so clearly on display, there can be no doubt we are dealing with principalities and spiritual darkness – those endorsing these policies are taking their marching orders from somewhere and it’s not concordant with truth. Summarizing liberal progressive ethics as a religion is certainly apt, but Jewish journalist Liel Leibovitz believes we are also seeing a return to paganism.

According to Leibovitz, pagan belief can be distilled down to this: Nothing is true, everything is permitted. He sees paganism in the tribal nature of identity politics and in the worship of nature expressed in climate alarmism. “They’re part of a cohesive belief system…that is gripping those who have rejected monotheistic ethics and mores.” But his main observation about how modern pagans worship their gods is salient. The ancient deities were only appeased with the offering of treasured possessions and what do humans have that is more precious than children? 

Leibovitz writes that state-sanctioned child sacrifice is alive and well in the USA, not just at the UN. “Turn over every rock in our craggy contemporary political landscape and you’ll find some pagan policy offering up the well-being of children to the gods of virtue.” You can probably nominate a few. Covid school closures? Drag queen family shows? No-fault divorce? How about the anti-natalistpro-abortion agenda of climate activists? 

All the while, those in authority like to tell us that parents don’t know what’s best for their kids. Agencies, such as educational bodies and the medical establishment, have been emboldened to come between parents and their children, all with the blessing of the state. With unnerving breeziness, President Biden said last week that there is “no such thing as someone else’s child…Our nation’s children are all our children.” The pagan gods will not be satisfied with anything less than total access to our kids and adult supplicants are happy to oblige. 

So are you awake yet? 

Leaning on his Jewish faith, Leibovitz gives some recommendations at the end of his piece. We who believe that Jesus Christ is the risen Son of God will not track with some of his advice, but we do agree with him in this: “Save your children by shielding them from an ideology that perpetually seeks ways to harm them; root them instead in traditions that nurture them and give them dignity, hope, and a future.” Thankfully, the mighty Word of God is a light to our path, strengthening our hands for the battle and giving wisdom to anyone who asks. 

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