Deep work

What does Google think? While internet searches have proven a valuable tool for sourcing information quickly, a new piece at Big Think warns that Googling is not thinking. That may sound obvious, especially if all your thoughts are organised Rev Fisk-style in boxes of 3 x 5 cards! But critical thinking expert Ozan Varol writes that algorithms and auto-complete give us the illusion that we are thinking when we aren’t. 

Varol gives examples of people looking for answers to deep questions in the collected knowledge of the internet, when the solution is often found by setting aside time to dig into your own thoughts. He asks why it is that we outsource our thinking to others instead of trusting our own ability to work things through. “Thinking for yourself isn’t just about reducing external inputs. It’s about making thought a deliberate practice.”

While Varol focuses heavily on “exploring the depths” of your own wisdom, we know there are limits to what man can find in himself and in creation. So carve out some time for solitude, grab your Bible and think!

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