The African nation of Sudan is in the news as a struggle between warring generals saw violence on the streets of Khartoum. The conflict has left hundreds dead, and a number of countries have evacuated their embassies during a brief ceasefire. While the feuding factions of the military government are receiving all the attention, a number of smaller voices are suggesting that this is as much a proxy war between the US and Russia as it is an internal Sudanese struggle. At the very least, the manipulation (not to mention, looting) of African nations by foreign powers does as much harm as good. 

Related.. The World Health Organization has been warned that bio labs in the war zone represent a “huge biological risk.”

Sudan is an old country, with Noah’s grandson Cush settling there in ancient times, and there has been a lot of conflict in its long history. The eunuch met by Philip was likely from Sudan. Though the population is now 90% Muslim, there are still Christians there and they need our prayers.

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